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Bringing the gospel to immeasurably more people within our community.

A Future for Our City

The Immeasurable Project is an opportunity for our church to sacrificially give for the building of our permanent home on Miami St. in Hanahan. This building will provide an established presence in the community, ample space for our children and youth, and will include community outreach tools - including basketball courts, a vegetable garden, and green space. Ultimately, this is about bringing the Gospel to Immeasurably More people within our communities.

God has called Restoration Community Church to reach the city of Hanahan. We believe that God will use this facility, our obedience, and your generosity to effectively accomplish his mission for our church in Immeasurably More ways than we could ever imagine.

We believe, based on initial estimates, that the total cost of the project will be approximately 2.9 million dollars. God has already blessed us Immeasurably so far. We trust he will work through you to supply $350,000 to put towards the project.

Our Story

Restoration Community Church has existed as a mobile church for 5 years. In that time we have seen God do amazing things. This season has brought blessings and limitations. But on August 17, 2017, God provided Restoration Community Church with land - located in Hanahan at the end of Miami and Tampa St - for a future building project.

The building of this property will be grounded in prayer, as we desire the Lord’s guidance and blessing. It will also require each of us to be spiritual contributors, not spiritual consumers. We accomplish this by serving, growing in our faith through Community Groups, sharing the love of Jesus, and inviting people to church. The project will also call each of us to lead the way with faith filled generosity.

The total project cost is approximately 2.9 Million dollars. We are planning to raise $350,000 during our Immeasurable Project. We have seen the evidence of God’s hand in this community, and we believe this is our next step on our journey to reach the unreached.

Immeasurable Project Wish List

God has already provided over 1.4 million dollars for the Immeasurable Project. And has given us the ability to secure a 2 million dollar bank loan. At the same time, we find ourselves needing, what we believe, is an additional $300,000 to furnish and equip the building. I also find God's sovereignty in the fact that the bank, because of current financial condition due to COVID-19, is not willing to offer more debt.

Remember, this is more than a building. It’s a permanent presence in our community. It’s a launching pad of missionaries, and will still be a place where your family, friends, neighbors, and community will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus!

Here is what I am asking of you! Would you please prayerfully consider:

  • Becoming a part of the Immeasurable Project for the first time by giving above and beyond your regular offering on a monthly basis?
  • Extending your Immeasurable monthly gift? Or would you pray about a portion of it becoming part of your regular monthly giving?
  • Giving financially towards the purchase of some of the items on our WISH LIST found BELOW. Simply click the DONATE button on the top of this page and notate in the memo field of your online donation what items you specifically want to give toward.
  • Make a "one-time" gift.

I believe God is doing a new thing. I believe God is going to make a way where there seems to be no way. I believe God is going to do “Immeasurably More than we could ever ask or imagine.”

Church, I love being the Pastor of God’s church here at Restoration. I also believe God is going to use you in a beautiful way to build His Kingdom right here in Hanahan. We simply need to be faithful to what He is calling us to!

Wish List Items # Desired Cost/each
Display Monitors for Foyer 2 $1,000.00
Security Camera 24 $150.00
Display Monitors for Youth Room 2 $1,000.00
Display Monitors for Restoration Kids Room 8 $1,000.00
Sounds Bars for Restoration Kids Room 8 $150.00
JBL Speakers 24 $300.00
Chairs for your family and the family your bringing 400
Refrigerator for Kitchen 1 $2,000.00
Office Furniture 6 $1,000.00
Conference Table and 10 Chairs 1 $5,000.00
Reception area furniture 1 $1,000.00
Coffee System 2 $300.00
Refrigerator for Kitchenette 1 $1,000.00
Stove 1 $2,000.00
Dishwasher 1 $500.00
Microwave 1 $300.00
Cookware Set 1 $300.00
Flatware Set 1 $100.00
Utensils (Serving) 1 $100.00
Bistro Tables for Foyer Area 6 $60.00
banquet tables round 60" Set of 10 2 $1,500.00
Cribs for Nursery 2 $120.00
Changing Tables/storage 8 $830.00
Rockers 7 $200.00
Mothers Room Love Seat/Sofa 1 $500.00
Lobby Sofa Chair 2 $250.00
Lobby Check In Tables 3 $150.00
Lobby High Top Tables 2 $150.00
Rugs Pond area (6x9) 6 $110.00
Swing 1 $100.00
Bouncer 2 1 $40.00
Exersaucer 1 $75.00
Kids Tables 12 $160.00
Kids Chairs 72 62 $40.00
Toys 1 $500.00
Toddler Climber 1 $100.00
Rain/Dirt Runners for Entry ways 12 $55.00
Trash Cans 10 $50.00
Scissor lift 1 $3,000.00
Washing Machine 1 $500.00
Dryer 1 $500.00
Diaper Pails

Window Tint

Automatic Wall Hand Sanitizer Units

Small Room Air Purifiers

Ipad Stands for Connection Kiosk




20 10










Equipping Couples

The Conyers tell their story of how Restoration has equipped their family to grow in their faith.

A Vision for Our City

Our vision of deploying missionary minded believers into the community with the hope of the Gospel hasn’t changed! A permanent location will serve as a launching pad for the members of Restoration each Sunday morning! A permanent location will allow us the ability to share the love of Christ in new ways. Envision a spacious lobby where people are welcomed, preparing for their hearts to be opened to the good news of Jesus. Imagine a multipurpose worship area that will provide opportunities to recreate, fellowship, and worship! Think about Restoration Kids classrooms created specifically for the purpose of introducing our children to their Savior. Envision a covered basketball court that will provide a place for the youth of our community to gather. Envision a community garden that will allow our church to minister to our community in a unique way that would facilitate Gospel conversations. Allow God to fill your hearts with the vision and excitement of the possibilities our new facility will offer to both our current members and to the surrounding community.

God has called us to share the gospel of Christ with the people in our community, which means the days ahead of us will be filled with excitement as we prepare to open our new facility. Looking back to the launch of Restoration Community Church in 2013, it is easy to see the ways God has worked in us through the preparation, launch, and growth of this brand new mobile church that has met in Hanahan Elementary School since Day 1.

He graciously prepared us for the journey ahead, He faithfully drew people to work alongside us, and through His Holy Spirit, He has equipped us to live out His calling. We are confident that He will continue to do the same as we move toward building our new facility.

The Journey Begins

The building is really taking shape and we can now see a great layout of where everything will be. Please continue to pray for the progress of the building and the financial need. Check out the photos below!

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